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  • The NightLife

    Nightlife to Remember!

    Prices are 10-50 Reais per person depending on group sizes.

    Events are 50-150 Reais per person.

    Os preços são de 10 a 50 Reais por pessoa, dependendo do esporte e da localização.

    Os eventos são 50-150 Reais por pessoa.

    Baixo Gavea

    A party to Remember in the heart of Gavea.

    Baixo Gavea comes once a week on a Thursday night and you wont want to miss it! With the street closed and the music loud the party goes all night. Vendors serving foods, Beers and even shots of classic brazilian liquor.

    Ends 3am!

    Baixo Ipanema

    Tuesday night party anyone??

    A Tuesday night to remember? Not many times you will hear that! Baixo Ipanema closes down the street for an epic bar crawl and it goes til 2-3am! This is another street party you dont want to miss out on!


    Lapa Lapa Lapa! The trendiest part of Rio!

    Lapa is filled with events Ranging from Music to incredible night clubs! This is the place where you go to stay up til the sun rises! Every gringo and local meet here and it become a huge melting pot of fun memories! Popular Friday - Sunday

    Baixo Botafogo

    The weekender! Batofogo is a happening place!

    Botafogo is located in the center of Rio. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday it becomes the Center of attention. The bars open up and the people flood the streets for cheap beers and delicious foods!

    Ends at 3am - Many Clubs open til 6am.

    Special Events and Parties

    The weekender x2 Raves and Dance Clubs

    Experience Rio knows its share of nightlife and clubs. From Festa Elas and Sigue Bailando to TV Bar and Warehouse raves in Centro we have it covered.

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