• Beaches of Rio

    One thing about Rio, the beaches are incredible!

    Praia da Joatinga

    Joatinga beach is made for locals!

    This is the place to be if you like playing alchina, surfing, swimming or tanning on the rocks! The beach is small but it is always the least crowded beach whether its summer or winter! From South Zone you can take the Bus (557 going to Barra).



    Praia do Perigoso

    They call it the Wild beach of Rio

    Perigoso is one of the beaches far enough away from the city of Rio but close enough by car. Its known as one of the most special places to hike, swim and camp in Rio de Janeiro! Perigoso is absoloutly the best beach around. (There are two other beaches Praia do Meio and Tartaruga) *Click link for some more info by RioForYou

    Praia do Secreto

    The beach thats got the best tidal pools!

    We love Secreto and to be honest it hasn't been a secret for a long time! Stunning ocean waves create beautiful blue tidal pools. Everyone hangs out on the rocks to tan or pools to cool off!

    Here's great info about Secret Beach.


    Praia Leblon/Ipanema

    Just looking to tan, relax and hang with friends...

    These two are the best beaches right within the heart of the city! Who doesnt love Leblon and Ipanema? The most popular beaches but they get packed on hot days! Easy to access in the Southern Zone.



    Hike/Surf/Tan and Hang with friends!.

    Pontal is a large stone right at the Oceans edge and sitting on one big beautiful beach! Here you can find great prices on surf lessons and a less crowded beach with water that is very clear. You can also hike up Pontal and enjoy a beautiful view!

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