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  • Why Rio de Janeiro?

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    Experience Rio like a Carioca

    What I do

    I teach the language while on the tour, provide information that we believe is important to learn for a better experience in Rio.


    Experience Rio connects you with awesome locals. This makes your visit to Rio a truly Eco friendly vacation.

    Hang out with your guides. Hit the street parties, visit the beaches or maybe sign up to play a local football game. Create new friendships and spend your money locally while helping these tourist communities thrive and in turn being immersed in the Carioca Culture.

    Be a Carioca. Be Rio!

    If you haven't been here, what are you waiting for?

    Be the Carioca, Experience Rio as a local!

    Rio is a bustling and beautiful metropolis encompassed by sandy beaches with turquoise waters and mountain tops stretching as far as the eyes can see. Rio de Janeiro is the vacation spot to meet all your needs.

    I will show you the best of Rio de Janeiro, if you want some Solo action and like traveling alone check out of Experience Rio Map. In Tabs section.

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    Guides Favorite Spots

    Enjoy dazzling parties, delicious foods and amazing nature through the eyes of a Carioca. It's no wonder they call Rio de Janeiro cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city.) .

    I've picked some of my favorite places:

    -Vidigal/Dois Irmaos & Bar Mirante do Avrao (Favela/Comunidade)

    -Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas (Landmark/Bike Path)

    -Ipanema\Leblon (Beach)

    -Lapa (NightLife)

    -Wild beaches Gauratiba (praias das salvagems)

    Ilha Grande (Village of Abraham).


    If you need information on any of these places, contact us.

    Experience Rio the way I see it

    A tourism boom is upon us and Experience Rio keeps it local. Year after year more and more vacationers are hitting the beaches and city as of 20, let us be your personal Carioca.
    Being truly free isn't about hiding behind the walls of a resort. Being truly free is about opening yourself up. View the culture beyond the eyes of others and see for yourself. A breathtaking and amazing city with an entire world of beauty at your finger tips!


    Video created by : Eric Valeriano

  • Who I am

    The person behind Experience Rio!

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    Henry Rio

    The New Yorker

    Founder of Experience Rio, began working on its creation in 2016 after Rio de Janeiro changed his life. NYC born and a teacher, Henry wants to create a unique style of tourism that's culturally educational and enriching.

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