• Thing to Buy

    Rio de Janeiro is a great place to buy gifts and goods!


    This is something every Carioca owns.

    Cangas are a light cloth that is used mostly for beach wear. You´ll see dozens of vendors selling them along the beach. Shop around to find the best price.


    Who wouldn´t want to bring this back home!

    You´ve had the drinks and maybe even a shot of Cachaça. So here is something you are gonna want to bring home to show your friends!


    Its a Brazilian staple!

    When in Rome, you do Roman things....When in Rio you buy a pair of Flip-flops! After all its the Carioca way of life around here.


    Minas Gerais is where it started, now its all over Rio

    These beautiful crafts of art are located almost all over the city. You´re susposed to wash your hands with them but were sure you will just use as a decoration!

    Handmade things

    Baskets, Necklaces, Rings and so much more!

    Whether on the beach, Downtown Rio or a street corner hand made goodies are everywhere. It is a staple of brazilians trying to make a living. We urge you to shop around for the best prices!


    The locals know how to craft these amazing works of art!

    Again, we love the Gems and crystals in Rio. They are magical, anywhere you go, you can find these beautiful works of art!


    Want to feel like a beach goddess??

    Okay okay, not for the guys but if you´re a lady and want to look stunning on the beach this is your kind of dress! Flowey, light and truly comfortable the Cantão is what you need!

    Soccer Shirts

    Most brazilians will tell you they are the best!

    Soccer is a huge thing around these parts, so whether its a local or national team we urge you to consider representing one of Rio´s great Football teams!

    Beauty Products

    Brazil has some of the best products in the world!

    Did we say Beauty products?? yes we did! Brazil is know to sell very good products for beauty. This country is know to have minerals and ingredients only found native to brazil!


    Who does´t love a great Hammock?

    Made in brazil, you just can beat the product. Hammocks are a cultural view into the laid back Carioca lifestyle!

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