• Eat like a Carioca!

    Here we Explore Rio´s best foods and snacks.

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    BBQ like a Brazilian - Churrascaria

    Whether its at a restaurant or with friends..

    Picanha - Is Brazils prime beef, known as the Rump (Best to BBQ)

    Maminha - The delicious Bottom sirloin/flank (Also a good BBQ choice

    File Mignon - Best part of the tenderloin

    Alcatra - Top/bottom sirloin (Many use this as a daily beef for dinners)

    Paleta/Patinho - A cheaper meat known as Chuck/Brisket (Good for ground beef)


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    Classic Feijoada

    The staple of brazilian deit

    Feijoada is known as a pork or beef STEW, filled with beans, meat and bacon. It is cheap and very filling! Any person traveling or living hear will eat this meal for lunch especially on Saturdays or Sunday.

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    Rio Street Food

    Some of the best foods Rio has to offer!

    Okay Okay, most people dont eat street foods but in Rio it is traditional. On the bus, beach or just walking on the street the array of Salty and sweet goods are everywhere!

    Pipoca - Popcorn

    Coxinhas - Fried breaded chicken drumsticks

    Pao de Queijo - Cheesy bread balls

    Pastel - A fried savory pastry that encases fillings like Cheese, meat, Shrimp, and much more!

    Tapioca - Everybody loves this, it is a type of crepe that can be filled with just about anything (Even Vegan/Gluten Free)

    Globo - A puffy starchy chip that comes Salty or sweet. yummy!

    Acai - Super Fruit....Super delicious! Eaten like an ice cream.

    Esphia - An Arabic bread stuffed with meat, cheese or even spinach. 

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    Arroz e Feijao

    An everyday food..

    Classic rice and beans, you just cant go wrong. Its cheap and delicious, most brazilians eat this food daily and mix with Farofa which is a filler like bread crumbs sometimes with pork, eggs or Banana. Its very good!

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    Best Desserts in Rio

    Lets look at the Sweets of Rio de Janeiro..

    Acai - (a-sa-ee) The frozen super fruit that can be mixed with banana or strawberries and Granola.

    Arroz Doce - Brazilian style rice pudding.

    Brigadeiro - The BEST dessert in our opinion, Made with chocolate and condensed milk.

    Beijinho - Similar to the brigadeiro with coconut not chocolate

    Bolo de Rolo - A thin sponge cake rolled up with yummy sweets.

    Sweet Pizza - Pizza with dessert toppings.

    Mousse de Maracuja - A mousse made from passion fruit, condensed milk and cream, its very good!

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