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    Be a Carioca

    Its great to fit in!

    The typical style for a Carioca is Relaxed. Most people living in the city wear beach clothes as you might expect. Short's and bathing suits are very common. Flip flops are a MUST and without a pair you´ll be singled out as a gringo.

    To dress as a Carioca has many benefits. First, you won´t pay the Gringo price as if you were traveling with sneakers and a shirt that represents your home country. Second, This decreases your chances of being hassled by people trying to sell you over priced product! Thirdly, most importantly it´s the most comfortable way to dress!

    PRO TIP - Cariocas never run, being late is a way of City Life. Take your time and relax!

    Helpful Tips

    These are a few things you should know.

    1. Its best to go to the beach and sit where there is more people.

    2. Taking Uber is much better than the Subway or bus after 10pm.

    3. The buses run a 24 hour schedule and the Metro closes at 11pm-12am.

    4. Download the transportation app MOOVIT...Best one to have!

    5. The bus costs 4,05 reais and the Metro costs 5,00 reais.

    6. Many times the beach can be crowded at night but remember its better to go in a group!

    7. Vidigal (Favela) is the safest Communidade in Rio. *(Rocinha) is also "safe" for tourists. Do not confuse this as meaning the favela is 100% secure, as many times it there can be shootouts or police operations.

    8. The bus has people selling food, its a good cheap snack for the ride. 1-3 Reais.

    9. Favela animals are cute but we advise you just take pictures. If you want to help enter in contact with GarraAnimal

    10. If the police tell you to do something...You need to listen.


    1. É melhor ir à praia e sentar-se onde há mais gente.

    2. Pegar o Uber é muito melhor do que o metrô ou ônibus depois das 22h.

    3. Os ônibus funcionam 24 horas e o metrô fecha às 23h00 às 12h00.

    4. Baixe o aplicativo de transporte MOOVIT ... O melhor de se ter!

    5. O ônibus custa 4,05 reais e o metrô custa 5,00 reais.

    6. Muitas vezes a praia fica lotada à noite, mas lembre-se que é melhor ir em grupo!

    7. O Vidigal (Favela) é a Comunidade mais segura do Rio. * (Rocinha) também é "seguro" para turistas. Não confunda com o sentido de que a favela é 100% segura, pois muitas vezes pode haver tiroteios ou operações policiais.

    8. O ônibus tem gente vendendo comida, é um lanche barato e bom para o passeio. 1-3 reais.

    9. Animais de favela são fofos, mas aconselhamos apenas tirar fotos. Se você quiser ajudar entre em contato com a GarraAnimal

    10. Se a polícia lhe disser para fazer algo ... Você precisa ouvir.


    Phrases you should know!

    The Top 10

    1. You´re welcome - De Nada or Tranquilo

    2. Thank you - Obrigado or Valeu

    3. I understand - Eu Entendo

    4. Sorry/Excuse me - Desclupe

    5. I speak a little Portguese - Eu falo um pouco de portgues.

    6. How Much - Quantos or Quantos Reais

    7. No, thank you - Nao, Obrigado

    8. Good morning - Bom Dia

    9. Good Afternoon - Boa Trade

    10. Good Night - Boa Noite

    Video below about Carioca accent and lifestyle.


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