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    Where do the locals go?

    We will show you and teach the Carioca way.


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    The rocky peninsula that seperates Ipanema from Copacabana.

    Arpoador is a place to just sit and enjoy the views of Rio de Janeiro. Watch the surfers take on the waves. Hang out with a group of friends. Arpoador is just a great place in General! On the Copacabana side Praia do Diablo there is an outdoor gym and an area which many play foot volley.

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    Lagoa is a fun place to meet up with locals

    Whether you are riding bikes, rollar blading, running or doing one of the many things to do here, Lagoa is the place to be for activities! Many locals hang here and its a great start to meet some new friends! From Lagoa you can access many neighborhoods and even parks like Parque Lage!

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    Another great place to spend the day!

    A sprawling city park close to Rio´s downtown where you have sports fields, theaters, restaurants, and so much more. Parque do Flamengo really is a beautiful place to spend the afternoon.

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    Yes, we put a (Favela) as a locals place.

    Vidigal is a really incredible community with so much to offer! With Views of the entire city, bars and restaurants waiting to be explored how could we not add this amazing place to our locals list! Its by far the safest Comunidade in Rio de Janeiro but do not confuse that with meaning (100% secure).

    How about a motorcycle ride to the top or a Favela tour??

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    We know dozens of Parks, local hang outs and places for sports.

    Send me a message, I will help you out.

    With Experience Rio you will have the opportunity to see places in cidade maravihlosa you never would of imagined! We really strive to give you an educational and cultural experience like none before.

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    Ipanema posto 9 "Coqueirão"

    The local crowd for young tourists.

    Known as Maconha (Marijuana) beach. Coqueirão sits between Posto 10 and Posto 9. Here the smoking of Marijuana is "not very enforced". Hang out all day long, swim and drink some ice cold Matte while enjoying a nice ocean breeze. If you a cool place which serves good drinks and food check out Barraca de Claudia 

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