• Rio Safety Guide

    Here are Important tips for a successful vacation

    1. Rio can be Dangerous

    electronic theft

    Rio is not a war zone like most media around the world portrays. The most common issue with tourists are Thefts. You can mostly use Cameras, Cell Phones and Electronics most places as long as you are paying attention to your surroundings.This is the most important part of protecting yourself since Electronic Theft is a growing issue.

    2. Dress Casual

    Petty theft

    Dress up with nice clothes and fancy jewelry? Dont! It isn't worth the risk. Most Carioca's dress casual. You do not need an apple watch and gold chain for a relaxing vacation. Wearing flashy stuff can make you a target, Though you may not get robbed the week you are here, it does put you at higher risk.

    3. Riding Buses

    Where to sit

    The Yellow seats are Handicap and you must move for Elderly or Disabled people. If you use your Cell Phone on the bus you should not do so by the door or open window. Riding the bus late night can be dangerous if you are not sure the route you should use UberMoovit is a great bus App to be sure your bus is running and on time, get it!

    4. Going to the Beach

    Enjoy it

    Rio has great beaches but sometimes they can get a little tricky. First off, if you go the beach at night you can be robbed and most Carioca's don't go unless there is a market or party. Second, please don't leave anything on the beach without keeping an eye on it because it could be stolen. Third and last, take advantage with the vendors selling food and drink on the beach but do not buy Shrimp!

    5. Street Foods

    we love it

    Some people love it and some hate it. Your biggest protection is common sense with any Street Food you eat. Look for Vendors who have many people because it shows they have a following or return customers. Check for Cleanliness of the Cart and Vendor. (Gloves or Napkins). If the food seems bad, toss it! Its not worth the Risk.

    6. Favela-Comunidade

    know before you go

    Experience Rio wants to connect the outside world more with Comunidades but that doesn't mean they are safe. In fact most Favela's within Rio are very dangerous and would risk the life of a tourist. Places like Rocinha, you may see tours and we advise you to not join them. Vidigal is still a safe Favela but we advise you to find a service that is highly experienced.


    Bold Numbers are for Tourists.


     Dial Dial     Water and sewage115  Electricity116     Anatel1331                                         Civil police197     ANEEL167Federal police194     Customer Service180Military police190     Emergency Medical Assistance - SAMU192  Federal Highway Police191     Fire Department193social Security135     Civil defense199Procon151     Detran154IRS146     Human rights100SUS136

    Here you can access all numbers from Police to Fire and more.