• Our Favorite Drinks

    Who loves to drink??

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    Brazil Beers (A Chopp) Ice COLD!

    Nothing better than a light refreshing beer.

    On a hot day or out with some friends grab a cold beer that is local in the city!

    Skol - Cheap popular beer among the young crowd.

    Brahma/Malt - Typical beer to drink on a night out.

    Bohemia- This beer packs a little more flaver (Hoppier)

    Antartctica - The cheapest, Lightest and a favorite for long night out!

    Skol Beats - Not a beer instead a flavored mix drink with Liquor, but we include for the people who do not like beer!

    Chopp - Most brands have a Chopp beer or Chope, Chop howeever you want to call it. A great idea when the day is very hot!

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    Agua de Coco

    Coconut Water...We think yesss!

    Refreshing, Natural and so good! Agua de Coconut is seriously great for hanging on the beach. Most places sell this and it shouldnt cost more than 6 reis but hey being a gringo doesn't always mean cheap. Vidigal sells cold Coco for 3 Reais. At the Mirante of Leblon they sell for an unfair 7 reais. But that is only $1,30.

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    The National Drink of Brazil!

    We cant say this enough, its the best damn drink around! A classic Mojito with a brazilian twist! The Caipirinha is something that always gets the party going. Made with Cachaca ( Spirit from sugarcane) you only need 1-2. If you dont like Cachaca there are plenty of Alternatives including a Caipivodka (Made with Vodka). Stay away from 51 the Brand.

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    Matte Tea

    Sweet Tea that is so good!

    We love Mate Tea. It can be found almost anywhere in Rio de Janeiro especially along the beach, look out for Vendors with metal Kegs saying (Olha Matte!). Its made with the Native Yerba Mate plant and sometimes infused with lemon.

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    Gaurana Antartica

    The Ginger Ale of the united states but not really.

    Classic drink that is a little sweet, it is perfect for the kids and very good to mix liquor with at a party. You see this drink everywhere and anyhwere.

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